Make Dynamic Website Tracking Work Harder for You!

March 26th, 2013 by Jackie Danielson

Using Century Interactive’s dynamic website tracking, you can tie session data (like referring source, keyword, ad data) to a phone call from your website. Here are some best practices that will help you get the most out of dynamic website tracking:

1. Turn Autotagging on!

Our system recognizes AdWords sessions by looking for the gelid within the destination URL. The gelid is a variable that Google puts in your AdWords session destination URL when Autotagging is turned on. If the system doesn’t see a gclid, it may not not recognize AdWords sessions.

2. Tell us what you want to collect

Century Interactive can report on anything related to the session if the factor is indicated in the destination URL. We already look for UTM_source, UTM_campaign, UTM_content, UTM_term, and UTM_medium. Have something else you want us to report on? Say you have an internal system set up that labels digital campaigns by codes. You label every campaign with something like

randomcampaigncode= 3465976

and you want us to show you how many calls each Random Campaign Code gets. Easy! Email your account manager and tell them to look for randomcampaigncode= and we’ll start reporting on it!

3. Get granular with your AdWords campaigns.

As explained above, we’ll automatically look for the gclid and be able to tell you if a phone call was an AdWords call. This might be enough for some people, but what if you want to know WHICH AdWords ad led to that call. What was the match term? What campaign was it part of? If you don’t already have campaigns labeled this way, just append this string to your campaigns, and we’ll gather all that rich data:


4. Take advantage of CallConvert!

A few other blogs have talked about CallConvert, but in a nutshell, its our ability to push AdWords phone calls into Google AdWords, allowing AdWords to recognize them as conversions. As you may know, if you have enough conversion data, you can utilize Conversion Optimizer, therefore allowing you to optimize your AdWords campaigns based on how many calls they get! Ask your account manager how to set up CallConvert (I promise its simple!)

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