CallConvert: See Assisted Conversions Inside Analytics

February 14th, 2013 by Jackie Danielson

Did you know that our product CallConvert allows you to see phone call conversions inside Google AdWords, even down to the KEYWORD LEVEL? If you didn’t know, read this blog entry first.
If you’re beyond that, here is something even cooler. When using our CallConvert integration, Google also allows you to see assisted phone call conversions. Meaning? Well, here’s an example:

Scott visits clicks on one of your AdWords ads and visits your website, but he isn’t ready to call. No conversion. The next day, he has some time during his lunch break and goes directly to your site (as in, types your site into his browser) and makes a call to your business. Conversion! Scott’s phone call on day 2 is an assisted conversion because even though his call didn’t come directly from an AdWords session, that AdWords session is responsible for him learning about your brand. At the end of the day, the ad worked and should be recognized as effective.

Google’s cookie data allows them to display this information for conversions. Since CallConvert pushes phone call conversions to Analytics, you can see assisted call conversions and not miss a beat! Here’s how:
1. Within analytics, you can get a breakdown of the top conversion paths. Click on the Conversions tab.
2. Under Multi-Channel Funnels, select Top Conversion Paths.

3. Select the conversion type you want. For our purposes, this is the Phone Call goal.

4. Make sure you have the Primary Dimension set to be Basic Channel Grouping Path and the Secondary Dimension set as Keyword (or Source/Medium) Path to get all of the information you’re looking for.

5. Here is an example of call conversion paths that took 4 steps:

Here is another example based on the number of phone calls:

That’s it! If you don’t have CallConvert set up, call your consultant to learn more and get tracking quickly!
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Patrick Elverum
Call tracking is easy, safe, and boring.
January 29th, 2013 by Patrick Elverum

Easy, safe, and boring doesn’t cut it.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how call tracking works. Take a unique number, put it on an advertisement, and then count how many calls that advertisement gets. That’s it. Pretty mind blowing right? Companies have added a few things under the umbrella of “basic call tracking” like recordings, whispers, and missed call alerts, but the fact stated in the title of this post remains the same. Basic call tracking is easy, safe, and boring. You can buy it from any number of the probably hundreds of vendors out there. You will get boring reports with call counts that look pretty much the same after a few months and don’t really impact your business in any tangible sense.

We don’t do easy, safe, and boring very well at Century Interactive. Instead we take the hard, dangerous, and raise the hair on the back of your neck approach to call tracking that actually runs the risk of failing. There is a good market and decent money in providing easy, safe, and boring call tracking. So, why in investors sake would we not just do that better than anyone else and leave the risk taking to the other guys. BECAUSE THEN WE WOULDN’T MATTER!!!!

The alternative

We are bound and determined to matter to our clients, hell bent on providing a product and service that actually changes their business. I can’t remember the last boring day I had at the office, because every day seems like it involves a new product launch, a new capability test, or a new problem discovery with a client. That’s a typical day at the office, because we are problem seekers. We actively go out and just listen to our customers so that we can understand their needs and help them identify the problem that is holding them back. That’s actually the hard part. It’s easy to tell clients what their problem is. It’s a lot harder to listen without listening FOR anything. To connect on a level that actually requires trust and mutual respect. But it’s absolutely necessary, because then we get to do the fun part. Build solutions.

The recipe
Building solutions is fun. We build at break neck speed, because we like it. That approach is what led us to be first to market with products like session based website call tracking. A client had a problem. They knew that their website was producing all of their calls, but they couldn’t take any action based on the easy, safe, and boring basic call tracking. Once the problem was identified, we got to work building a solution and brought it to market almost three years before our nearest competitor. The story repeats itself throughout our history. It goes something like this:

1. Build real relationships and connections with our clients

2. Listen like crazy, and ask a lot of questions

3. Participate in problem discovery and isolation with our clients

4. Build and ship solutions faster than anyone thought was possible

5. Deliver hard, dangerous, and exciting new products and features that address a real need and impact our clients day to day decisions

The proof
Want examples? I have a few. Recorded outbound call tracking, Humanatic call categorization, assisted call conversion tracking, select agent routing, one-sided recording, integrated call coaching, dynamic smart routing at a national level, and open API. This list doesn’t even include all the pieces that we were first to market that are now common enough to fall under the “basic call tracking” umbrella. I think it’s fair to say that our history supports our innovation claim.

So great, that was a whole lot of chest thumping, but what’s my point? The point comes back to this idea of safe, easy, and boring. That’s not a part of our sales pitch. What we do is hard, and sometimes we get it wrong. The idea was bad, the market wasn’t right, or the product didn’t work as intended. That’s all a part of it. We’re going to fail, book it. My hope is that we continue to fail at a rate fast enough to continue and even accelerate the speed at which we get it right and launch products and solutions that matter.

The problem we’re solving today
Over the past year or two, there has been a lot of noise in the automotive space that went something like this. ”The biggest leak in your dealership is the phone, because your phone skills are terrible. You won’t ever be able to fix the people answering the phone, so the best you can hope for is faster notification every time they blow it, so you can keep a closer tally and maybe even salvage a few of those.” That didn’t sound quite right to us. We’ve spent a lot of time with our dealer clients and know how much time they spend training their employees. We had identified the problem. So last year, we launched Car Wars which takes the exact opposite approach to the problem. Car Wars makes dealers better on the phone. It is a tool that embraces all of the hard work that happens at the dealership and provides a meaningful feedback loop for that work that actually changes behavior and creates new habits. Car Wars is taking off and our early users confirm that it has drastically improved phone skills and increased appointment booked ratios.

Did I mention that we built and launched it in under six months? Was it easy? No!! There were a lot of late nights and we’re still working out the finer points with our users. Was is safe? Not a bit!! We had to rebuild a huge piece of our platform (anyone in technology knows how dangerous that is – Digg, can I get an amen?), put our reputation on the line with our biggest and most trusted clients, and build a contract labor force of thousands without guarantee of reward. Is it boring? Of course not!! We’ve got weekly matchups, power rankings, trash talking, and chest bumping here. This is automotive we’re talking about. Boring wouldn’t work. Is it a success? Financially, we don’t know yet. But, IT MATTERS TO OUR CLIENTS! That was our promise and we are delivering on it every day. They live in it, they love it, and they scream at us when they find things that don’t look right because it matters to their business, and they rely on it to make decisions. That is a success.

The “so what?”
If you are looking for a company that will deliver a product that you won’t use, and mail it in when it comes to customer service and consulting, that’s not us. We’re a company that goes out of its way to cause a ruckus and take risks on behalf of our clients. If that sounds interesting to you, then let’s talk about the problem that’s holding you back.

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